When Communication is a Priority

Snhyper Features

Sender not on Snhyper? No Worries...

Snhyper keeps a track of your Gmail™ inbox for new leads arriving via email and automatically sends you web/sms/voice alerts (aka snhypes ). No configuration is required on the sender's end.

Be accessible to those who matter.

You DON'T get alerted for every new email. You can configure alerts (or snhypes) based on email source such as sender's email address and subject.

Total Communication Security With 256 bit Encryption.

With 256 bit encryption, all your communication is secured. Further, none of your emails are stored or read by us except for processing the rules you've set.

Use Snhyper as a messenger

Tired of emails? Ditch your email client and simply use Snhyper as a multi-point messaging platform. Exchange snhypes directly with your Snhyper contacts.

Intelligent Message Notifications

For faster delivery, Snhyper automatically pushes all new (email) lead notifications/snhypes to the communication medium you become active on (sms/web/voice).

Track your Snhypes in real time

With Snhyper, track exactly where and what state a snhype is in at any given point of time, as it tries to reach the recipient.

Intuitive and Adaptable

Snhyper offers complete control over what level an alert/snhype reaches you. If you do not want voice call or sms during a specific time of the day, just configure it and continue receiving plain email or web notifications.

No App Downloads, No Installs

Simply sign up at snhyper.com using your (Free/Business) Gmail™ account and start receiving snhypes. No Downloads, No Installs.