Snhyper sends you text and voice alerts for emails that arrive in your Gmail™ inbox from contacts you add in our web app.

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WHY SMS & Voice?

While Email and traditional Instant Messengers are two of the most prevelant communication channels used today, they are highly inefficient when it comes to invoking a fast response. In fact emails are notorious for falling through the cracks or getting lost in the heap (even with push notifications!).

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Great Features

Here are some ways Snhyper can help you supercharge your Gmail™ communication.

   Super-easy Gmail™ Integration. Switch between Gmail™ and sms/voice alert powered Instant Messaging seamlessly. Use our free Gmail™ plugin or perform manual integration in 4 simple steps.

  Responsive Instant Messaging. Snhyper adds up as a fast, reliable and response-evoking web based instant messaging client. With sms and voice alerts, Snhyper helps speed up communication.

   Spam Free. Only emails from contacts you added in Snhyper can trigger sms/voice alerts.

  Privacy. Your email content is secure with us. We never store your emails after processing the rules you applied.


  • Step 1

    Sign up at Sign in and click 'Connect Gmail' from menu. Authorize Snhyper to access your favourite Gmail™ account.

  • Step 2

    Complete the 2-step Gmail™ plugin wizard. Then add Gmail™ contacts to Snhyper you wish to get alerted for.

  • Step 3

    Get notified via Web/SMS/Voice alerts when they send an email to your connected Gmail™ account.

Snhyper Gmail Plugin Features

Sender not on Snhyper? No Worries...

Snhyper automatically sends you web/sms/voice alerts (aka snhypes) whenever an email arrives in your connected Gmail™ inbox from a contact/email address you've added in Snhyper. No configuration is required on the sender's end.

Be accessible only to those who matter.

As specified, You receive an alert (aka snhype) ONLY when a Gmail™ contact who has also been added in Snhyper by you, sends an email to your Snhyper-connected Gmail™ inbox.

Total Communication Security With 256 bit Encryption.

With 256 bit encryption, all your communication is secured. Further, none of your emails are stored or read by us except for identifying the contacts who are authorized to send you snhypes.

Use Snhyper as a messenger

Tired of emails? Ditch your email client and simply use Snhyper as a multi-point instant messaging platform. Exchange snhypes directly with your Snhyper contacts.

Intelligent Message Notifications

For faster delivery, Snhyper automatically pushes all new alerts or snhypes to the communication medium you become active on (sms/web/voice).

Track your Snhypes in real time

With Snhyper, track exactly where and what state a snhype is in at any given point of time, as it tries to reach the recipient.

Intuitive and Adaptable

Snhyper offers complete control over what level a snhype reaches you. If you do not want voice call or sms during a specific time of the day, just configure it and continue receiving plain email or web notifications.

No App Downloads, No Installs

Simply sign up at and connect a Gmail™ account of your choice to start receiving snhypes. No Downloads, No Installs.


  • Step 1

    Sign into Snhyper & add [email protected] as a contact in Snhyper

  • Step 2

    Sign into Gmail™ account you wish to integrate and add your email alias (i.e. [email protected]) as a forwarding address in Gmail™

  • Step 3

    You shall shortly see a message with the confirmation code from google appear in the snhyper web app as a snhype. Use this code to verify your forwarding address with google.

  • Step 4

    Lastly, create a gmail filter that forwards emails from a snhyper contact's email address to your email alias (i.e. [email protected])

  • Step 5

    Get notified via Web/SMS/Voice alerts when they send an email to your Gmailâ„¢ account.

When Communication is a Priority

Sign up now and get 30 Snhype credits free!